Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Southern Cone faces "punishment" for helping US rebels

A conservative province in the Anglican church faces “punishment” this week for offering a safe haven to conservatives.

Senior bishops and laity meeting in London are to consider suspending the Anglican church in South America for taking rebel US dioceses under its wing.

The move will bring the Anglican Communion closer to a formal split. Early next month, rebel conservatives are expected to finalise plans for a new Anglican province in the US, to sit as a parallel jurisdiction alongside the existing Episcopal Church.

Unless this new province is recognised as part of the Anglican family by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams and the other 38 primates, it will in effect become a new Anglican church.

In a further indication that the liberals are winning the Anglican wars, The Episcopal Church of the US, which was suspended at a previous meeting, is expected to be welcomed back into the fold after sticking by its pledge not to consecrate any more gay bishops.

The Latin American Province of the Southern Cone headed by English-born bishop, the Most Rev Gregory Venables, has aroused the fury of liberal primates after a fourth US diocese voted to leave The Episcopal Church and realign with it.

Fort Worth voted earlier this month to quit the liberal Episcopal Church. Within the last 12 months, San Joaquin, Pittsburgh and Quincy have all approved a similar change.

Bishop Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh has subsequently been deposed.

The Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, the Most Rev Katharine Jefferts Schori, last Friday sent out a “letter of inhibition” against Fort Worth’s Bishop Jack Iker which is expected to lead also to his deposition. Read more
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Darren said...

Quite a few people thought it one thing that theology and morality were put on an equal footing through the Windsor report. BUT if the Southern Cone are disaplined while TEC are not, it will really show the true colours of the ABC and these various governing bodies.

Darren Moore

Revd John P Richardson said...


I would think that if the Southern Cone were to be 'disciplined' as Ruth Gledhill suggests, especially by a body containing TEC representation, that would be pretty much 'game over' for the Communion (where personally I think the game is actually over already).

However, I also think it would be deeply divisive here as there are undoubtedly bishops who would not accept it. I can't imagine +Rochester or Lewes going along with it, but if other bishops did then it would mean a formally divided CofE

That is why I don't think it will happen. The politicians will, I think, make sure of that.

Darren said...


I'm sure that's right. +Rochester and Lewes won't be alone on that one.

Quite likely the ABC will recognise ALL the bodies on North America! But the very discussion shows a double (at least) standard. So even if (Anglican of a particular colour) Ecclesastical structures were as important as doctrine & morality - only the former incurs a wrap on the knucles.

Darren Moore