Thursday, 14 August 2008

Gay bishop attacks Diocese of Sydney

Sydney: Gene Robinson, the first openly-gay Bishop in the Anglican Communion, has slammed the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.
Gay bishop attacks Diocese of Sydney

Speaking about the diocese with Sydney's weekly gay magazine "SX News", he said: "It is ironic that the Sydney Diocese, taking in one of the great gay cities of the world, is also among the most bigoted."

Robinson claimed that the Anglican Church had "abused" gay people and said, "God and the church aren't the same thing. The church has gotten this and many other things wrong. God hasn't gotten it wrong."

Robinson also predicted that he would be the first of many gay bishops, discussed his ban from the once-in-a-decade Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops, and revealed that he has had three one-on-one meetings with US Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

On his own diocese of New Hampshire, he said: "I tell people that if you want to see what the church is going to be like when we finish obsessing about sex, come to New Hampshire." Read more
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