Wednesday, 28 May 2008

New Canadian Anglican diocese backs gay blessings

A fourth diocese in the Anglican Church of Canada voted this week in favor of blessing same-sex unions, the liberal denomination announced on Tuesday.

The church's Anglican Journal said the diocese of Huron voted on Monday to ask the bishop to allow clergy to bless homosexual marriages.

Bishop Bruce Howe said he concurred with the motion but -- as in the case of three other Canadian dioceses -- he would consult with other bishops before acting on the vote. Read more
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houseofman said...

Basically, it passed by both clergy and laity but 72%. The bishops stated they "concurred" with the decission.
Although not a deligate this year, I chose to stand with another at an information table in the hallway on behalf of
It made for a sad conclusion to the day. God, forgive us for our sins and convert those that now feel alienated.
Go in peace,
Phillip Rutledge