Thursday, 1 May 2008

Anglican Journal: Lambeth meeting shows its Canadian roots

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[...] At the launch of this year’s Lambeth Conference, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams acknowledged the role that the Canadian church had played in the creation of the assembly. The first Lambeth had been called, he said, “in response to a crisis about the limits of diversity allowed in the Anglican churches around the world.” But he added, it also signalled a time “when non-English, and indeed, non-white influences were for the first time making a real impact in the Communion, and needed to be celebrated and affirmed.” He added: “Not only did the Canadian church contribute strongly to the thinking around the Conference; it was also attended by the first black Anglican bishop, Samuel Crowther from Nigeria, who had been made a bishop just three years earlier.” The gathering “was a moment when there was a real acknowledgement that a worldwide church had to find ways of sharing its challenges and its triumphs – and some aspects of its decision-making,” said Archbishop Williams.

Then as now, the Anglican Church of Canada has been deeply engaged in the life of the Anglican Communion, as shown by its support for the Lambeth Conference and other instruments of unity.

“Our record is that we take Lambeth seriously,” said Archbishop Peers. He cited that in 1988 the Canadian church made the decision that from thenceforth, each diocese would make an annual contribution for the succeeding conferences. Read more
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