Monday, 21 April 2008

Solicitor-General condemns current Act of Succession

(Ed: Thereby showing that she understands little about her country's constitution, and cares even less.)

The Solicitor-General has called for a repeal of the 1701 Act of Settlement, saying the ban on the monarch marrying a Roman Catholic, or becoming a Roman Catholic, is contrary to the spirit of modern British life.

In an interview published in the Sunday Times, Vera Baird said the “ban on Catholics” ascending the throne “should be abolished because it is discriminatory.” Her comments came in a discussion of the government’s proposed Single Equality Bill, which seeks to unify anti-discrimination laws.

Ms. Baird, the Labour Member of Parliament for Redcar, also denounced as "unfair and a load of rubbish" provisions of the 1701 Act that grants preference to male heirs of the monarch in the succession to the throne.

"I have always thought that what we have to do with the royal family is integrate them as far as possible into the human race,” Ms. Baird said. Read more
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