Monday, 14 April 2008

Archbishop of Canterbury's letter to bishops may prompt rethink about Lambeth attendance

This from Bishop Tom Wright's talk to the Fulcrum Conference on Saturday:

[...] After a summer and autumn of various tangled and unsatisfactory events, the Archbishop then wrote an Advent pastoral letter in which he reiterated the terms of his initial invitation and declared that he would be writing to those bishops who might be thought particularly unsympathetic to Windsor and the Covenant to ask them whether they were really prepared to build on this dual foundation. Those letters, I understand, are in the post as we speak, written with apostolic pain and heart-searching but also with apostolic necessity. I am well aware that many will say this is far too little, far too late - just as many others will be livid to think that the Archbishop, having already not invited Gene Robinson to Lambeth, should be suggesting that some others might absent themselves as well. But this is what he promised he would do, and he is doing it. Read the whole talk here.

See also this comment here.

Any suggestions who might be on the list? Akinola? Schori? Wright? (Only kidding!)

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