Saturday, 22 March 2008

Telegraph: Easter message from the Bishop of Chelmsford

Right across our country and in every community Easter will be celebrated in the churches.

The story of the resurrection of Jesus will bring joy, hope, and fresh life to the people. In my diocese, which covers the old county of Essex, this will be as true in the vibrant and diverse communities of East London as it is in the rural villages in the north of the county.

The church is present in them all. Easter will be celebrated throughout.

This is not just an accident of our history. It is a result of the Church of England having a constitutional duty in this country to ensure that Christian ministry is available to all its citizens.

Unlike the Post Office we cannot shut up shop and go where the trade is better!

We have a duty to be present and serving in every place.

It is a trust we share with all Christian people and traditions. Read more
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