Saturday, 15 March 2008

TEC Presiding Bishop Plans to Try Bishop Duncan before the Lambeth Conference

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church plans to poll the House of Bishops in April 2008 for approval of a plan to move the possible deposition of Bishop Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh forward from September 2008 to May 2008.

This was announced at the post-meeting press conference yesterday. Bishops Ed Little, Roskam, Curry, and Alvarez were among those present at the conference.

The reasons for this move have not been made public, however, the effect of such a move is clear. The Lambeth Conference begins in July. Were Bishop Duncan to be deposed prior to the Lambeth Conference, the Archbishop of Canterbury would be forced to decide whether to honor the Episcopal Church’s deposition and disinvite Bishop Duncan or to disregard it, a decision similar to the one he faces with regard to Bishop Schofield of San Joaquin. Read more
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Revd. Lee Stewart said...

It is becoming a sad case of affairs.I spent the first 38 years of my life in the UK and 98% was within Anglican churches and never did I see such hatred as i have seen that exists with TEC in the US.What is the presiding Bishop attempting to do? Become the clerical Hitler?
If she succeeds with Duncan, she will slowly move through to the others! This forces a postion with Canterbury, to allow this means "shape up or ship out" doctrine & therefore the whole concept of allowing "Broad" perspective within historic Anglicanism is being destroyed. While those of us who hold onto the orthodox position still allow these raving Liberals, yet they would kill us an Ant if they could!
So unless The Archbishop ignores this "Clerical Dictator", the Anglican Communion is in danger of either being destroyed or split right down the middle.