Friday, 30 November 2007

Evangelical leaders comment on 'Clergy Consultation' service

Every occasion for listening pastorally to people is to be welcomed. However, the Holy Communion is a fundamental symbol of fellowship and an expression of our unity in Christ. To offer this to those in gay partnered relationships, contrary to biblical teaching and contrary to the Bishops' teaching in Issues in Human Sexuality offers false hope rather than enabling transformation . The Bishop as upholder of the Apostolic Faith is held by all Anglicans to provide a focus of unity. Since the Archbishop has apparently proceeded with this service , this makes it more likely that he will become a focus of division. We endorse the importance of a proper listening process. We trust that the Archbishop will also listen to those who have moved through this stage to frame and fashion their own selves and their families according to the doctrine of Christ .

Rev Dr Richard Turnbull, chair of the Church of England Evangelical Council, Dr Philip Giddings, Convenor of Anglican Mainstream, Canon Dr Chris Sugden, Executive Secretary of Anglican Mainstream.
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