Monday, 3 September 2007

Ten tips for promoting Back to Church Sunday

(Ed: I believe this is such an important event, I'm breaking my break to put this on the blog.)

If you can get some good editorial coverage before Back to Church Sunday, you will find this is far more powerful (and cost-effective) than any amount of paid advertising. Remember, though, you are competing against all sorts of other news stories, and the media needs real stories that will stand out of the crowd.

To help you start thinking about this, here are some things you might like to discuss. There is no pressure to do all of these – but if you can pick even one or two ideas that you think will work for you, you will be well on your way.

At the end of the list there is a generic press release which you may find helpful as a starting point. Please rework it appropriately to promote what you are doing in your church, and send it out to the media in your patch, preferably a week to 10 days before you are holding your BtCS service. Read more

Here are some local Essex/Cambridge/East Anglia addresses

BBC local TV:
B. Stortford Observer titles:
Radio Essex:
Radio Cambridgeshire:

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