Sunday, 16 September 2007

Cathedral Chancellor: "Thinking about Ramadan has made me a better Christian"

(Ed: One of the advantages of having a Muslim on the staff of your Cathedral is that they can show you where you're going wrong.)

The holy month of Ramadan reminds me that I need both body and soul to be in good shape if I'm to approach the heavenly courts. It also teaches me that the taqwa, which is the divine gift to all people of faith and goodwill, will only come my way when I achieve a more balanced nurturing of both.

How humbling that I hear the divine call to respond to all this and to correct the imperfections in my own faith through the holiness and wholesomeness of another faith community. How wonderful that God tries to make me a better Christian, a better person, through my Muslim sisters and brothers.

· Chris Chivers is canon chancellor of Blackburn Cathedral and director of exChange, the cathedral's interfaith development agency Read more

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