Sunday, 5 August 2007

Meet the vicar's wife set to become the next Domestic Goddess

(Ed: Someone once described me as a 'domestic god' for my skills with roast potatos. Don't suppose I'll get on telly, though.)

She's a vicar's wife with a talent for cooking, so it seems only natural to ask Elisa Beynon whether her Victoria sponge is up to scratch.

"Oh, I can't be bothered with all that," she says, with a brisk wave of her freshly manicured hand.

"I don't like making cakes. I just think you might as well go to your local WI stall and get one there."

It is an unusual admission but then Elisa is not your typical Church of England vicar's wife.

For one thing, she prefers pink champagne to communion wine.

She cooks in high heels rather than a sturdy pair of loafers. And then there's the small matter of what she looks like.

Instead of the shapeless floral print skirt with elasticated waistband one might expect, her petite tanned frame is clothed in a well tailored designer dress, with straps that cross over at the back and a hem that stops just high enough to show off a fantastic pair of legs, tapering into a pair of bright crimson Carvela stilettos.

"I have been to a lot of parties where guests will wave their friends over and say, 'You'll never guess what her husband does,'" she admits.

"But I've got a lot of friends who are vicars' wives and they're all different.

"If you got on the Tube and played spot the vicar's wife, you could never do it." Read more

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