Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Preaching the gospel at Speakers' Corner

[...] Last year I explained the gospel in Arabic for 10 minutes to Abdallah, a man of about 60 from Kuwait. He was ill and was in London for treatment. What amazed me is that he did not stop me once with any of the usual Muslim objections; this was most unusual. He gratefully accepted a gospel portion in Arabic and we said a warm goodbye. Perhaps he was a dying man seeking for the truth. This year there was Muhammad, a 44 year-old Algerian who looked seriously ill. He came up with the usual Muslim objections to the gospel, but then listened carefully as a friend and I explained how our sins can be forgiven through faith in Christ.

The crowd goes away, but the seed has been sown in many hearts. Perhaps this side of eternity we will never know who has turned to the Lord as a result of a young girl's testimony or the faithful preaching of a veteran open-air warrior. Think of British people who have been told of a good church in their hometown, or of Arabs going back to the Middle East or North Africa with a copy of God's Word in Arabic. Or think of those Chinese tourists taking the New Testaments back with them to a communist land.

Here and there one hears how someone who is now in Christian service became a Christian through being given a tract at an open-air meeting. Pray that those contacted this year at Speakers' Corner will turn to Christ as a result of what they heard there. Why not consider coming along yourself next year to lend a hand - you will never be the same again! Read more

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