Friday, 13 July 2007

The Independent: Late and ludicrous on Wycliffe Hall

Ed: A demonstration, if another one were needed, that The Independent simply cannot cover Christian religious affairs seriously.

[...] Neither Turnbull nor Storkey would say anything to The Independent about the dispute. The departing staff from Wycliffe have also seemingly taken a vow of monastic silence while students there have been threatened with a latter-day Inquisition if they breathe a word of what is going on within its walls to the press.

Yet this ban on airing Wycliffe's dirty linen in public has merely added to the impression that the whole place is living under a reign of terror. Read more (of this garbage)

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Nightlamp said...

To be honest this story was not as ludicrous as the last one in the Guardian by Jonathan Aitken where he reduces it all to a simple personality dispute between Turnbull and Storkey. The evidence clearly shows with the departure of other Staff Gordon Wenham that it must be more than that.
He also writes what seems to be near libellous things about Elaine Storkey who cannot defend herself because of on going disciplinary proceedings.