Saturday, 16 June 2007

Synod member urges Gay vicar set to 'wed' male partner to honour his celibacy vow

A GAY vicar has been told to 'comply with the teachings of Christ' and abstain from sex when he 'marries' his male partner later this month.

A member of the Church of England's ruling General Synod has urged The Rev Michael Peet, rector of Bow in the East End of London, to remain faithful to his ordination vows.

The Advertiser has discovered that Mr Peet, the rector of the 700-year-old St Mary's at Bow Bridge, is to 'marry' his long term partner Raymond Port in a civil partnership ceremony at the end of the month.

His move has surprised parishioners, with at least one member of his flock deciding to leave his congregation over the partnership.

Anglican bishops issued guidance two years ago allowing clergy to enter into civil partnerships... but only if they pledge the relationship will be celibate. Read more

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