Friday, 8 June 2007

A society with plenty of laws but too little justice

Ed: OK, it's my opinion, but I offer it for your consideration - two stories from the same online newspaper:

Girl, 13, terrorised terminally-ill neighbour in last weeks of his life
A teenage girl terrorised a terminally-ill man in the final weeks of his life as she laid 'medieval siege' to her neighbours' homes.

Marlene Thomson, 13, waged a campaign of harassment against householders, pelting windows with stones and eggs, and yelling abuse.

Peter Brock, 72, was so intimidated by her violent rages he became too scared to go outside in his wheelchair. Read more

The driver who faces a £60 speeding fine...for failing to measure the gaps between lampposts
A motorist has been given a £60 speeding ticket for failing to spot the distance between roadside lampposts.

Ian Thomas, 44, was caught on camera travelling at 40mph in a 30mph zone but he says there was no 30mph sign.

The previous signs he saw all showed a limit of 40mph.

However, under a little-known section of the motoring laws, a road is classified as having a 30mph limit if there are no other speed signs and the street lights are no more than 200 yards apart. Read more

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