Wednesday, 27 June 2007

How the Chinese see us: a nation of drunken youths

[...] "I went to Leeds – it was rough and dirty. Girls danced on tables with no underwear – wore short skirts, were vulgar."

"Gentle country not true, too many drunk people, terrible young people everywhere."

"Young people get drunk – the behaviour would be frightening."

"I hate the teenage people with little education, gathering around, holding booze, talking rubbish."

"Bloody terrible young people – not so well educated, very rough – drunk culture."

"Fighting in the street, drunken hooligan."

"Crime of youth, doing nothing, in the street threatening people."

"There is an emptiness in night life there – party, party and nothing else – at the night the people are boring. When I went to England, I thought there would be something special in culture – people would say interesting things – speak about plays or stories. I thought it would be a garden of thinking." Read more

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