Friday, 13 April 2007

CT Letter: Giles Fraser wrong about evangelicals and resurrection

I always enjoy the provocative comments of the Revd Dr Giles Fraser, and am frequently personally challenged by his comments about Evangelicals, a group that he sees as fair game for ridicule. In seeming to claim the high ground for liberals over the meaning of Easter (Comment, 5 April), however, he has, I think, misunderstood Evangelicals — and a fair number of other persuasions within the Church.

When he says that, for those who hold a strong view on the events of Calvary, the resurrection is “almost an unnecessary add-on”, he completely misreads Evangelicals, traditional Catholics, of both the Anglo- and Roman viewpoints, and the Orthodox.

The Cross, which seems to Fraser to be almost an irrelevance, is the main point of controversy that divides Christians from others. It is described as a stumbling point in the Bible, and so it is today. Were it not for the Cross, we would not have had the resurrection. Read more

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