Friday, 23 March 2007

Bishops Slammed as Just 3 Attend Crucial Lords Vote on Gay Regulations

Twenty-three Church of England bishops have been fiercely criticised this week for not attending a crucial House of Lords vote on controversial new gay rights regulations, which faith groups across the country have strongly opposed.

In total 26 bishops automatically sit in on the House of Lords – a privilege which has come under media scrutiny over the past months – yet just 3 attended the vote; Christians across Britain have been left outraged by the meagre turn-out.

Anthony Archer, a Synod member of the Crown Nominations Committee had written to all 26 bishops encouraging them to vote against the Regulations (SORs), according to the Church of England newspaper. He reported that the 23 bishops had not helped justify their purpose for sitting in the House of Lords. Read more

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